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Build Your Cash Flow System... Zero Cost!!

Follow this Simple 21-Day Challenge And You'll Create Your ​System For Your On-line Business...

Even If You're Starting From Scratch.

(And NO, We're NOT Spending Any Penny On Any Tool)

What You Will Learn From This Challenge:

Week #1 - How to let people want to pay high

  • ​YES. People are willing to pay high if you know the ​secrets.
  • ​These tactics help to position you ​as an authority leader​.
  • ​You will get perfect balance among your interest, market, and product.

Week #​2 - How to ​create your product from scratch

  • You will know how to create ​info products ​people ​want to buy.
  • ​Yes. You can start ​now... even if you have zero experience.
  • ​You will create your 1st product in ​less than a week.

Week #3 - How to launch product and make sales

  • ​Yes. You will get a SYSTEM ​​that supports selling your product.
  • Yes. You ​can communicate with your leads for ​FREE, without any expensive email automation system.
  • ​No. You won't spend a penny. Launch ​with NO ADS, NO LIST​.
Your ​$100K Slash Racing​ Starts Again...

December 30, 2019.
  • ​​​Get ​High Value ​Secrets
  • ​Create Your 1st Info Product
  • ​Launch & Make Sales
Start Your 21​-Day
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FREE Early Bird Gift...

​Gift ​#1: FB Private Group $8,800

In the 21 days, you ​will create your on-line business with the coach, I, and your classmates. You will learn the success factors and problem solving process, and how to deal them correctly.​

Gift #2: Assignment Reviews​ $4,500​

I will personally review your three assignments.​

Gift #3: Webinars $5,040

Q&A ​Webinars will be held weekly during the challenge. You can propose your specific problems, and get solution.​

Limited Gift #4: 21 Days Workbook for Your Slash Business (Priceless)

It is the ​perfect ​toolkit to plan your on-line buisness for 21 days, before you start the challenge​.


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NT$ 18,340

​I help solopreneurs to increase their auto-income ​with information products​​.

​There is nothing I love more than helping ​people explore their ​dream, create new ​business​, and find meaningful rich life.

​I am so looking forward to seeing your success too!


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